Feed additives

AgriPura Acid (liquid and dry)

  • Well functioning product with 5 organic acids
  • Buffered product
  • Reduces the pH and works well against  gram-negative bacteria

AgriPura Lauric (dry)

  • Mainly consists of lauric acid ( C12) and GML90
  • Works well against gram-positive bacteria
  • Reduces the use of anti-biotics drastically

AgriPura Lauric Plus (dry)

  • Combination of organic acids with Medium Chain Fatty Acids ( MCFA’s)
  • Works against gram-negative as well as against gram-positive bacteria

AgriPura Mould (liquid)

  • To optimize the moisture content in the feed
  • Due to administration to process moisture, lower energy consumption and higher feed production per hour

AgriPura Safe Wetfeed (liquid)

  • To control yeasts and molds in liquid feed
  • Non-corrosive, buffered product>
  • Interesting combination of organic acids

AgriPura Sal Protect Liquid (vloeibaar)

  • Effective use to reduce Salmonella pressure
  • Sophisticated combination of 6 organic acids
  • Lowers the pH and works against gram-negative bacteria

AgriPura TMR Protect (liquid)

  • Combination of organic acids
  • Scalding inhibitor at the feed alley or in the feed mixer
  • Works in-directly against myco-toxins

AgriPura Toxine Protect (dry)

  • Interesting toxine binder
  • Combination of ingredients that reinforce each other
  • Can be used for ruminants, pigs and poultry

AgriPura Wetfeed (liquid)

  • To control yeasts and molds in liquid feed
  • Corrosive product, lowers the pH
  • Killing of gram-negative bacteria