AgriPura Fortides

  • Broad spectrum disinfection
  • Most effective at temperatures above 10 C
  • Long residual efficacy up to 3 days

AgriPura Fortides Para

  • Complex disinfectant with 3 active components
  • Use with high disease- or paracitical pressure 
  • Combines Fortides with paracitical efficacy 

AgriPura Parades

  • Specifically  designed to eliminate parasites
  • High amount of active components ensures high efficacy
  • Effective against ascaris suum, coccidiosis and cryptosporidium parvum

AgriPura Virall

  • Powder disinfectant  with very broad efficacy
  • Efficient at low temperatures
  • THE disinfectant for disinfection baths/mats

AgriPura PA Des

  • Fast working, stong oxidising disinfectant
  • Short contact time
  • Efficient at very low temperatures

AgriPura PA BF AD

  • Additive for AgriPura PA Des
  • Eliminates intrusive odour of peracetic acid
  • Foaming

AgriPura Iophodes

  • Disinfectant for steel tanks and feed systems
  • Breaks down the matrix of protein, fat and lime scale
  • Ideal for surfaces with a complex biofilm.

Dit product is momenteel nog niet beschikbaar op de Nederlandse markt

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